“Do not be afraid! I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people.”

(Luke, 2:10)

The path to the birth of Jesus was full of courage, boldness, dreams, transgressions, resistance and faith. In the midst of all the lights and bustle, we should pay heed to the “angel” who says:

“Do not be afraid. For you have found favour with God”, and, like Mary, be filled with courage and face the challenge of bringing forth the new.

The Baby Jesus, who invites us to renew our dreams, our times and paths. Who invites us to dance and reinvent the circle of life, where all humanity and the whole universe will find welcome and good living in the Common House, the House of God, who is Father and Mother and infinite goodness.

We who celebrate the birth of Jesus also receive this invitation, to be in motion and not to lose the original meaning of Christmas, when, through Jesus Christ, God was made manifest to mankind and showed that it is possible to challenge systems, creating pathways so we can truly do something different.

The Baby Jesus comes and invites us with his smile to enter the circle of life, so that there can be dancing and joy for all.

CESE has its collective holidays from 24.12.14 until 18.01.15.

Happy Holidays!


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