The Global Opening Panel of the World Social Forum


He will debate about the other world we want and will say no to the world of Davos, neoliberal, generator of deep crises, harmful to the vast majority of humanity. There are alternatives. Global social and political leadership. Participate: 01/23/2021, Saturday, 2 pm GMT / UTC

Considering the global pandemic situation, the 2021 edition of the World Social Forum will be virtual. The proposal here is an assembly of several ideas and part of the experience of face-to-face forums, mixed with the potentialities of the virtual one.

The program with a chronological presentation:

More information:

The virtual march consists of a 24-hour live Internet broadcast throughout the 23rd in which the struggles, visions and experiences of movements from all over the world will be highlighted. Contains an Opening Panel (14-17h UTC)  In our diversity throughout the world in our rural and urban communities we walk hand in hand with an anti-capitalist, anti-racist, anti-colonial and anti-patriarchal vision.

The announcements of self-organized activities   by the participating organizations and the large thematic conferences (organized by the Facilitator Group of the Virtual WSF) that are on the event dates, arranged by days and hours, constitute the ” event program ” that can be filtered by   themes

There is an information kiosk where you can ask for guidance to participate

The Assemblies are co-prepared by at least 5 organizations already registered in the WSF, there may be more. They are self-managed activities like the others scheduled between January 23 and 29. They are privileged occasions to achieve articulated political expression among many organizations.

The Agora is a time to share, as a fair or popular market, the actions (initiatives) to be carried out during 2021: struggles, campaigns, declarations, agendas, processes, organization of events, etc., to build a Calendar of Action Glocal, heading to the face-to-face WSF in Mexico. The Agora of January 31 becomes the center of the forum and lasts from 2pm to 6pm utc. It is accompanied by a TVAgora station from 15 to 17 UTC. It is followed by a Closing Session (18h UTC)

In virtual mode –

  • Each self-organized activity is logistically organized entirely by its proposing organizations (who provide the link to the interactive platform used, interpretation, etc.)
  • Each major thematic conference is logistically organized entirely by the Facilitating Group