Act by “Affected women in defence of life” marks 2 years since the Vale crime in Brumadinho

At 12:28 on 25 January 2019, the Córrego do Feijão tailings dam in Minas Gerais collapsed.

The consequences of this crime have reverberated through the suffering of the affected communities, the families of the 272 victims killed by Vale, the workers who no longer have an income, all the dreams interrupted and the thousands of people who relied on the Paraopeba River as a form of water source and supply, and for their rest and leisure.

The Movement of People Affected by Dams (Movimento dos Atingidos por Barragens: MAB) organized the “Journey of Struggle: 2 years since the Vale crime in Brumadinho – Justice only through struggle and organization”, an opportunity to present: the ongoing mobilization of the population affected by the Vale mining company and what it represents; the concrete consequences on the population’s lives; and a defence of human rights.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Journey of Struggle activities take place through virtual acts with some face-to-face activities.  This week, alongside @midianinja, @minasninja and @ninja.foto, MAB created a curated feed containing photographic essays of the coverage from photographers who were in the city, helping to narrate visually by providing words and images to describe what was happening in the region.

Below are photos by @nilmarlage taken in Colônia Santa Isabel, Betim, Minas Gerais, affected by the death of the Paraopeba River.