Daud Abdullah, Middle East researcher, launches book at roundtable dialogue promoted by CESE.

On 18 May, Daud Abdullah, Research and Director of the international institute the Middle East Monitor (MEMO), launched his book “Engaging the World: The Making of Hamas’s Foreign Policy” in a roundtable conversation about “Palestinian Resistance in search of peace – the history and current reality”, held in CESE’s auditorium.

The event was a joint initiative between the Ecumenical Coordination of Service (Coordenadoria Ecumênica de Serviço: CESE), the Islamic Cultural Centre of Bahia (Centro Cultural Islâmico da Bahia), the National Coordination of Black Organizations (Coordenação Nacional de Entidades Negras: CONEN), Brazil Life (Vida Brasil), the Middle East Monitor and the publishers Editora MEMO.