Agents’ meeting brings together leaders from the Black Women from the Communities Project

The Project Agents’ Meeting (Encontro de Agentes de Projetos – EAP) met in Salvador between 20th and 22nd July, with representatives of the Black Women from the Communities Project organizations: Mapping Paths and Constructing Rights. The action, which is organized by CESE and SOS Corpo, with European Union funding, invited 33 women’s organizations from the north and northeast of the country which had their projects supported during the three years of the initiative (2015-2018).

The meeting is part of CESE’s Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation of Small Projects Programme (PPP) process in which a sample of the projects supported discuss the effectiveness of institutionally strengthening the groups, in addition to external effects achieved in promoting social and economic changes of the communities involved with the projects.

Black, indigenous, quilombola women, fisherwomen, domestic workers, activists, women from the countryside and feminist networks and movements were present in Salvador for discussion on two points in particular: what has happened in the context which impacted the lives and struggles of black women from communities (positive and negative points in local, state and national contexts) in the last three years; and what was most significant in the organization/ movement/ networks which they are part of.

Among some of the results put forward by the participants, the following are highlighted: increase in the number of black women’s organizations and networks, affirming the black movement on 8th March, strengthening racial, fisherwomen and quilombola identities and greater youth participation. “The project reached where public policies do not”, confirms Joelfa Bezerra, from Ayabás – the Institute of Black Women of Piauí (Instituto da Mulher Negra do Piauí).

During the activities, each participant received an Abayomi doll from Luciana Eugenio Rogério, a representative from the Association of Women in Action (Associação das Mulheres em Ação – CE). “Abaomy means precious meeting”, explains the participant about the symbolic gift when learning from the Project Agent Meeting was exchanged.

Celebratory Dinner

The participants of the event were also able to have contact with the reality of the baianas de acarajé during a guided visit to the Baiana de Acarajé Memorial. Located in the historic centre of Salvador, the space is dedicated to the tradition and history of the women who sell the typical food of Bahia (acarajé), with documentation and exhibition spaces (adornments, handicrafts and some of the culinary resources that they use). The evening included live music and a celebratory dinner, with a menu prepared by the baianas (acarajé, caruru, vatapá and fish stew).

“The project reached where public policies do not”
Joelfa Bezerra, Ayabás – Institute of Black Women of Piauí

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