CESE celebrates its 44th birthday

Despite all the setbacks experienced in recent times, CESE is commemorating another year of existence. Its role in strengthening grass-roots organizations has enabled organized civil society to continue fighting for rights. Given the social and political situation of uncertainties and fragilities, we need, more than ever, to increase our strength so that, in partnership with other organizations and supporters, we can act together for the defence of the rights of peoples and grass-roots movements and ensure that Brazil’s still fragile and threatened democracy becomes more robust.

Despite the immense difficulties faced over recent years, we have managed to remain faithful to our mission, fulfilling a strategic agenda for the defence of rights and democratic resistance, through innumerable activities, including: annual support to more than 300 initiatives from the grass-roots movements for the defence of rights and resistance; training activities for organizational capacity-building; advocacy activities to denounce rights violations and promote public debates on themes relevant to society; participation in arenas for dialogue and political advocacy; and strategic communication to provide visibility for social movements’ causes and to raise the general public’s awareness of and solidarity for human rights.

We are grateful for and acknowledge support from the partnerships that we have constructed and that have demonstrated confidence in our work, in the networks in which we participate and which contribute to the increased reach of our operations. We hope to be able to continue fulfilling our mission for the defence and strengthening of democracy and the guarantee of rights.

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