CESE launches podcast to strengthen fundraising for grassroots movements

On 05 April, CESE launched, on its YouTube channel, the podcast “The Fundraising Programme to Strengthen the Struggle”. The podcast is aimed at collectives, social movements and ecumenical and grassroots movements. In the format of a radio programme, five episodes, in multimedia files, provide information and educational content about the importance of sustainability, relationships with possible donors, communications and planning for fundraising.

CESE is looking to collaborate in the lightest and most dynamic way possible, to strengthen and support the sustainability of groups through chats, tips and support tools, responding to the training needs of the grassroots movements, in light of the political situation with the curtailment of rights and scarce resources.

“CESE is not only seeking to align itself with new discussions and political agendas for each political situation, but also to innovate how it communicates with and approaches its target audience.  The demand for audio content has grown significantly.  This format allows us to access information in line with the time people have available and to run other activities. It will be an arena for multiple learning,” declared Dimas Galvão, CESE’s Training and Projects Coordinator.

Every week, listeners will access themes that will help them understand the importance of running fundraising activities using a planned and strategic approach.  The initiative is run in partnership with the Change the Game Academy; one of the academy’s objectives is to build the fundraising capacity of organizations and social movements.

About the Change the Game Academy

The Change the Game Academy provides online and in-person local fundraising and mobilising support courses in various countries around the world.  The platform’s aim is to train grassroots groups and civil society organizations through activities aimed at the defence of rights and social transformation. CESE runs the academy programme in Brazil.

The programme grew out of work, between 2007 and 2015, supported by the Dutch Wilde Ganzen Foundation, through which more than 900 organizations in Brazil, India, Kenya and South Africa received face-to-face training in local fundraising skills.  Currently, the programme is also running in Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Benin, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Ethiopia (the African continent); and Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka (Asia).

To expand its reach, the programme provides courses free-of-charge through the Change the Game website.

Online courses are available at or may be provided in-person and adapted to a group’s participant profile.  Get in contact to find out more!


Service: Launch of the Fundraising Programme to Strengthen the Struggle

When: 05 April 2022

Where: CESE’s YouTube Channel