#anti-raciststruggle #20november: CESE projects messages demonstrating racism in Brazil

On the night of 20 November, Black Consciousness Day, CESE, an organization that expresses its commitment to the anti-racist struggle and practice, displayed images containing phrases and expressions that demonstrate the racism in Brazil.

Projections were displayed in Rio de Janeiro (RJ); Belém (PA); Belo Horizonte (MG); Recife (PE); São Paulo (SP); Salvador (BA) and Brasília (DF).  See the clip below:

Throughout the month, CESE published cards on its social media containing data about structural, religious and environmental racism. It has also produced a special report addressing the racist interpretations of the Bible that formed the basis for slavery and still sustain racism and religious intolerance today.

CESE understands that racism generates injustice against black people and has always supported movements, organizations and groups from this section of society.  In the last 15 years, it has supported approximately 660 projects in the anti-racist struggle, benefitting 314 thousand people and investing 5 million Brazilian Reals.  On this Black Consciousness Day, CESE reaffirms its Institutional Racial Equity Policy which sets out its strategies for combatting racism at management level and in institutional activities.

Being anti-racist is more than reporting a crime. It’s being an agent of change!

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CESE’s partner in the projections – Projetemos Collective