CESE’s annual Assembly elects new director´s board for trienni 2018-2020

On June 8, the CESE’s Annual Assembly elected a new board of directors for the next three years.For the triennial 2018-2020, the organization will continue to be presided by Marcus Barbosa Guimarães, from the Catholic Apostolic Church (CAC). Helivete Ribeiro Pinto Bezerra, from the Brazil`s Baptist Alliance-BBA, will occupy the vice-president position. José Augusto Amorim da Cunha Júnior (United Presbyterian Church-UPC) will be the First Secretary, and Eleni Rodrigues Mender Rangel (Independent Presbyterian Church of Brazil) will return to CESE’s board, this  time as Second Secretary.

Remain at CESE’s board of directors, Renato Küntzer (Evangelical Lutheran Confession Church in Brazil – ELCCB), as First Accountant and João Cancio Peixoto Filho (Anglican Episcopal Church of Brazil – AECB) as Second Accountant.

New representatives of Christian Churches establish positions in the Ecumenical Service Coordination. Célia Gil Pereira (ELCCB) and Josileide José dos Santos (ABB) will be on the Supervisory Board, along with Júlia Taís Campos Ribeiro de Oliveira (CAC), re-elected to the board. Wertson Brasil de Souza (IPU) will be the substitute of the Supervisory Board.

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