Gilberto Gil, Letieres Leite & Orkestra Rumpilezz celebrate Music and Human Rights in Salvador

A historic meeting will take place on 14 April at the Castro Alves Theatre, when singer and composer Gilberto Gil will take to the stage accompanied by Maestro Letieres Leite and the Orkestra Rumpilezz.  The show “Music and Human  Rights”, commemorates the project’s fourth edition and the start of celebrations to mark 45 years since the foundation of the Ecumenical Coordination of Service (Coordenadoria Ecumênica de Serviço: CESE), a Bahian organization that has benefited more than 11 million people through social projects around Brazil.  The show’s entire income will go to the social projects supported by CESE.  It is sponsored by the Dutch agency Wild Geese and by Bahiagas.

Presentations by Gil and Orkestra Rumpilezz will thrill the audience and will include the repertoire of success that distinguishes Gil’s career, allied to the genius of the composer and arranger Letieres Leite, who created Rumpillezz in 2006.  The orchestral group brings together percussion and wind and is centred around ancestral Bahian music from the Candomblé worship houses, added to harmonious costumes and under the influence of modern jazz.  As well as producing superb compositions, Orkestra Rumpilezz works actively to value Afro-Bahian culture and in social action, through the creation of the group Rumpilezzinho, specifically aimed at the social inclusion of children and young people through music.

At 74 years old, Gilberto Gil remains an innovative artist and a great and active thinker in our society.  He has been a UN Ambassador and Brazil’s Minister of Culture and in his long and distinguished career he has defended a number of causes, including access to culture, to food and to liberty.  The artist will be the face of one more cause, that of human rights.  In a world of turbulence and reformulations, which are not always positive, we need to pause to reflect, breath and get to know a little more about what guides the struggle for essential human rights to a dignified life, of full rights.

About CESE

The Ecumenical Coordination of Service (Coordenadoria Ecumênica de Serviço: CESE) is a non-profit organization that supports projects in different parts of Brazil aimed at improving life and for the guarantee of human rights.  Since its foundation in 1973, CESE has supported more than 10 thousand projects from grassroots organizations across the whole of Brazil (approximately 350 projects per year) benefiting approximately 11 million people. CESE is a trusted NGO and receives support from a number of international organizations.  For Leonardo Boff, theologian, philosopher and one of the most respected writers in Brazil and abroad, CESE has demonstrated fidelity and continuity throughout its trajectory.  “Fidelity in supporting grassroots projects, especially those linked to Human Rights, but Human Rights from the perspective of the poor, which is the right to life”.



 Show: “Music and Human Rights” – 4th EDITION

Location: Main Hall of the Castro Alves Theatre

Time: 9pm


SAC Points and at the theatre’s ticket office

Tickets cost between R$ 50.00 and R$ 200.00

Information: 55 71 21045457 I



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