Letter of Alliance of Baptists of Brazil in support to democracy

 and they shall beat their

swords into plowshares… 

 (Isaiah 2.4)

In a great part of occidental world, Democracy experiences one of her deepest representation crisis. In Brazil, the option for authoritarian and adventurous alternatives is growing even more. The emptiness of public sphere, caused by the disbelieve of political representation, opens space to fascism and reckless bets.

As defenders of peace, justice and the social and plural democracy, we understand that the candidacy of  Fernando Haddad and Manuela Dávila corresponds, at this moment, to the best option in order to stay in a Constitutional Democratic State.

The Alliance of Baptists of Brazil, in her charter of principles, affirms the defense of freedom and the construction of a fair, plural and democratic society. We repudiate any form of authoritarianism, fascism and human right denial. On the path of Jesus and with help of the Holy Spirit and the community, we will always strive to affirm and act in the direction of the other, independent of gender, respecting the differences and rejecting all hatred culture, intolerance and discrimination.

We will struggle for an antiracist, antisexist, antilgbtphobic, antifascist society and for a free and equal world. We are pacifists and we are hungry and thirsty of justice. May God help us.

Alliance of Baptists of Brazil