MROSC platform discusses strategies for strengthening and monitoring the enforcement of the law

On June 27, the Platform for a New Regulatory Framework for Civil Society Organizations of the State of Bahia held a regular meeting, aimed at building strategies to improve the implementation of Law 13.019 / 2014 and strengthen monitoring spaces. The meeting took place at CESE headquarters and it was attended by several social organizations, including: Elo-Ligação e Organização, Cáritas Brasileira Nordeste, OSC Legal, Odara-Instituto da Mulher Negra, Protagonistas em Ação de Itapagipe (Reprotai), Centro de Arte e Meio ambiente (Cama) and Rede Cammpi.

The meeting began with a historical overview of the actions of the platform, membership and participation of civil society organizations in meetings, training of multipliers, itinerant panels and its relationship with the Public Power and universities. The resumption and redefinition of the State Council for Development and Collaboration (CONFOCO) was one of the highlights of the debate, as a milestone in the history of MROSC / BA Platform and which cannot be fragilized at a political moment of setbacks on people’s rights.

Eliana Rolemberg, representative for CESE at the MROSC / BA Platform and at the dialogue between the government and civil society regarding the Regulatory Framework, states that such meetings are important to provoke reflections, capacities and commitments of the Osc’s so that action in society is more intense. And she points out:

“We must keep up the pressure on issues that go against the law, eg, bank taxes overcharges, court records for changes to the statutes, as well as in contesting public notices.”

Recently, the Platform has played a fundamental role in consolidating spaces for reflection and articulation in proposing solutions for the promotion of an increasingly favorable environment for organizations. CESE is one of the organizations that has actively contributed to the process of implementing the MROSC and promoting, through the CONFOCO, the practical implementation of Law 13,019 in the state of Bahia. In this sense, Graça Rosana, also representative of the organization, states: “We took part in this ordinary meeting with the perspective of collaborating in the construction of strategies to further improve MROSC and monitor the challenges of its implementation in Bahia.”

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