MROSC trainers meeting

From 28 January to 1 February the National Meeting for Trainers of the new legal framework to access public funds by civil society organizations, known as MROSC (Law 13019/2014), will be held in Salvador.

The aim of the meeting is to bring together people running activities for the training, dissemination and systematization of MROSC so that, over the five days, they can reflect on their practices, exchange experiences, methodologies, activities and teaching practices, as well as draft common strategies to strengthen the implementation of Law 13019/2014 in the states and municipalities, guaranteeing the principles, guidelines and orientations contained within its regulations, which are in favour of strengthening civil society organizations.

The Meeting is part of the Constructing Civil Society and Democratic Resistance Project, an initiative of the Brazilian Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (Associação Brasileira de Organizações Não-Governamentais: Abong), run in partnership with its associates the Multi-Professional Advisory Centre (Centro de Assessoria Multiprofissional: CAMP), the Ecumenical Coordination of Service (Coordenadoria Ecumênica de Serviço: CESE) and the Centre for Feminist Studies and Advisory Services (Centro Feminista de Estudos e Assessoria: CFEMEA), which aims to increase the relevance, recognition and impact of civil society organizations in Brazil through advocacy, training, networking and communication.  This project was selected through a public bidding process and is supported by the European Union.

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