Network Of Friends


Vera Rocha

Director da Rocha Comunicação

img-interna25“ “We also chose to support CESE because we recognize the seriousness of the work it has carried out over 40 years, as well as the relevance and extent of both their activities and beneficiaries. We understand that, as well as working to achieve market objectives for clients and making the economy more dynamic, a business also has to use talent, experience and enthusiasm to fulfil its social role. The Rocha Comunicação portfolio demonstrates this humanitarian philosophy”. ”



Jose Cortes Rolemberg


Rolemberg““I contribute to CESE because it grew out of a longing for Social Justice, Liberty and Democracy in this country. I support, and will always support, CESE because these values are not just empty words, but form the daily struggle of those who seek to value human beings. I contribute to CESE because it has always been an illuminating instrument in the difficult exercise of establishing dialogue between all religions and political, social and cultural thought. I support, and will always support, CESE because it is a fundamental instrument in valuing and implementing work on a range of work fronts, in places where you find the disadvantaged, the despised, the poor, the humiliated, who have not lost their notion of citizenship and manage to live off their work. Finally, I support and contribute to CESE because it should and will continue to be a cry for Hope for a fairer Brazil, one that is constantly beckoning!” 

Deyvid Barcelar


” “The partnership between CESE and SINDIPETRO BAHIA is extremely important because it will demonstrate our capacity to be better citizens. With this chance to collaborate, we will have an opportunity to look more closely at society and to look to the future, transforming lives alongside CESE. We will be mobilizing and helping to change the lives of people not only in the whole of Bahia, but also in the whole of Brazil”..

Núbia Santana

President of the Association of Small-scale Farmers from the Deus Dará Community

““CESE meets our expectations and is truly committed to people who need help, which is why it has our support. The women’s group here in our municipality has benefited from CESE funds and we embraced the Spring for Life Campaign, holding a very important seminar during which we sold the campaign kit and received support from various partners, including the Rural Workers’ Union. We also understand the importance of helping CESE to fulfil its dreams, so we have formed a group to join its Network of Friends. We are together in defence of life”.