Events, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation of resource mobilization actions were the focus of the 2nd stage of the Local Resource Mobilization Course, held by CESE in Salvador (BA), between November 6 and 7.

The training is part of the Change the Game Program, a program to support the strengthening of organizations in the areas of local resource mobilization and political advocacy – an initiative of the Dutch cooperation agency Wilde Ganzen, together with Smile Foundation (India), KCDF (Kenya) and CESE (Brazil), with the support of the Dutch government.

The initiative brought together representatives of 12 popular organizations from several segments, such as indigenous peoples, youth and childhood, ecumenical organization, advisory body to traditional communities and social movements of youth, countryside and black women.

To begin the work, each participant presented the context of their realities’ struggles, reporting how the Brazilian electoral process strengthened the journey of organizations and movements. Words such as: Dialogue, Faith, People, Strength,   Collective, Partnership, Community and Hope made up the common feelings and ideas for the defense of rights and continuity of work for justice and democracy.

A diverse range of tools and practical activities was used to understand the various stages of the Resource Mobilization cycle. In addition to the online learning approach through the Change the Game Portal, with elaboration of exercises and access to new materials on the theme.

An ecumenical mystique marked the closure of the training. Marilda Ponciano, from the Biblical Studies Center of Minas Gerais (CEBI-MG), brought to the group texts of life and from the Bible as a source of inspiration to face the current political moment of setbacks of rights. For her: “It is in the most difficult moments of life, when there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel that the most inspiring and liberating transformations can happen.”  And she added: “It’s time for creativity, hope, resistance and unity.”

Finally, Lucyvanda Moura, facilitator of the course, closed the moment with an excerpt from the song “Lute” (Fight) by singer and reggae composer Edson Gomes: “Let’s get up and fight! / Let’s get up and help! / Let’s get up and scream! / Let’s get up now! / That life has not stopped / Life does not stop here / The fight is not over./ And it will not end / Only when freedom breaks. “

Round of Dialogue on “Political Sustainability of Civil Society Organizations Post  2018 Elections.”

On that occasion, the CESE held a Round of   Dialogue on “Political Sustainability of Civil Society Organizations after the 2018 Elections”. The meeting was mediated by Lucyvanda Moura, and with a dialogued exposition of Eliana Rolemberg, deputy director of the State Council for Development and Collaboration (CONFOCO); Renato Cunha, executive director of the Environmental Group of Bahia (Gambá); Piedade Marques, coordinator of the Black Women Network of Pernambuco; and Maurício Correia, coordinator of the Association of Laywers of Rural Workers of BAHIA (AATR-BA).

A theatrical performance by the Bumbá Artistic Training School, opened the round of conversations on the night of the 6th (Tuesday) with the skit “Black Girl from the Periphery”, and involved the guests in the discussion on possible country´s scenarios for the next four years of government. The act was concluded with the exciting presentation “Community ALIVE: I will not give you guns, I will give you flowers”. Holding hands and holding white roses, the plenary echoed: “No letting go of each other’s hand”.