Community, production and Income Project

The Community, Production and Income Programme aims to strengthen production enterprises, training their managers and increasing the production and sales of popular economy products.
An economic feasibility study and a diagnosis of each enterprise is carried out, leading to the development of a training plan which is then administered by partner programme advisors who have experience in production, management and communication.
The beneficiaries of this programme are rural and urban groups from the solidarity economy (cooperatives, associations and other collectives) who need to improve production and income without relinquishing environmental responsibility, gender equity and democratic management practices. Some examples of the projects supported are: native fruit processing (juices and sweets), biscuit production, licuri oil processing, fish processing, popular handicraft production, processing cassava derivatives, and others.
Since 2009, this CESE programme has supported 41 enterprises from a range of municipalities in the states of MA, PE, CE, PB, BA, MG and MT. More than 3600 people are involved in these groups, 942 of whom are women.