Support Cese

Why Support CESE?

Today, CESE is one of the few organizations in Brazil that supports small projects in diverse areas, with wide-scale coverage and a range of funding. It has carried out this work transparently, efficiently and ethically for 40 years and the support it has provided can be translated into numbers: 11 thousand projects supported and 9 million Brazilian beneficiaries around the country.
– Excellence in the management of funds and projects: it has developed its own Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) system, which is responsible for the analysis, monitoring and evaluation of approved projects, and is an exemplary model in this area;
– Transparency: it is a public interest organization at municipal, state and federal level, is audited annually and publicizes its administrative and financial reports on its website;
– Tradition and credibility: it is recognized by the populist movements, academics, intellectuals, politicians, celebrities and international agencies for the consistent nature of its work;
– Pioneering: it was a pioneer in prioritizing support to small, one-off projects that support the populist movements at strategic moments in the organization of their structures, providing community governance for planning processes and the implementation of activities, and encouraging autonomy.
– Dissemination: support has been provided in approximately 1000 Brazilian municipalities, with an emphasis on the Northeast (57%) and North (13%) – regions which have higher indices of inequality.
– Diversity: it supports a range of social sectors in the defence of rights related to the environment, economic development, education, public health, ecumenical coalitions, communication, culture and institutional strengthening. These initiatives are located in both the rural and urban environment and support children, adolescents, young people, women, indigenous peoples and quilombola communities in combatting racism and in the daily struggle for peace, justice and democracy.
– One-off support: it has a simplified system for receiving projects, enabling the most vulnerable communities and those without access to funds to present proposals. The one-off support avoids the creation of dependency, respecting the autonomy of the supported organizations, benefiting a greater number of individuals.
CESE represents a great opportunity for support to social causes in Brazil! It functions as a bridge linking sectors that require support with those who want and are able to donate.
Given the huge challenge of constructing a fairer and more sustainable country, investing in social responsibility activities generates benefits, making the organization better known, gaining recognition and visibility for its work and strengthening its links with society.
Support CESE! Together we can strengthen projects that change lives!