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The oil spill has arrived in the waters oh the Northeast revealing the neglect of our common house

CESE expresses solidarity with the more than 150 thousand fishermen and women and artisanal shellfish pickers who have suffered one more environmental tragedy caused by the oil spill, origin as yet unknown, which has devastated 2,100 km of the north-eastern coast. It joins with other voices that demand:

  • The resumption of spheres of control, monitoring and environmental inspection closed down by the current government;
  • The effective operation of public bodies to stop the arrival of the oil from contaminating other coastal areas, islands and mangroves;
  • The determination of those responsible, the punishment of the guilty and due socio-environmental reparations and
  • Indemnity for the thousands of fishermen and women and shellfish pickers whose activities have been interrupted for over 30 days, and who are unable to sell their fish or shellfish.

CESE therefore reasserts its commitment to rights in their integrality, with sustainable development and socio-environmental justice, and expresses solidarity with the social movements and organizations that are working in the affected areas, collecting material, reporting federal government neglect and providing support and guidance to the affected populations.

CESE – Ecumenical Coordination of Service (Coordenadoria Ecumênica de Serviço)
25 October 2019