Thousands of organizations repudiate Bolsonaro’s talk

Around 3 thousands non-governmental organizations, collectives and national and international social movements repudiate the candidate Jair Bolsonaro’s  affirmation that he, if elected, is going to “put a final point to all activisms in Brazil”. The pronouncement was made by the presidential candidate on Sunday (7/10) after diffusion of the elections first round’s results.

By the publication of a letter this Monday (15), the entities affirm that Bolsonaro’s talk affronts the Federal Constitution, which warrants the rights of association and assembly. “This is an unacceptable threat to our freedom of action. It is not only the life of millions of citizens women and men activists and the work of 820 thousands organizations that will be affected. It will be the Brazilian democracy itself. And there is no democracy without defense of rights.”

The group also stresses the importance of “a vibrant civil society, active and free to denounce abuses, to celebrate conquests and to move forward in rights”, also as for the conquest of rights and better life conditions for the population, and ask “that the contempt for the social movements and for the civil society should be considered by all women and men at the time to decide their vote”.

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(Photo: Isto é)