What is Cese

Action Strategies

Support for projects from populist organizations, social movements, ecumenical movements, networks and coalitions, in the form of financial support through a range of programmes.

Training for civil society organizations in a variety of themes, such as project management, communication, fund-raising, the defence of rights, etc.

Dialogue and coalition with civil society strategic networks and forums, international cooperation agencies, social movements, churches and organizations from the ecumenical movement, as well as from the business and government sectors. Support to lobbying and advocacy is one of the foccus of CESE´s work. The organization acts too in the public policy intervention field and promotes campaigns about social causes.


Rede de amigos CESE - Mais de 11 mil projetos apoiados!

Address.: R. da Graça, 150. Graça, CEP: 40.150-055, Salvador-BA, Brasil.
Phone.: (71)2104-5457, Fax: (71)2104-5456, E-mail: cese@cese.org.br
Working hours: 8am to 12 pm / 1pm to 5pm.

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