“For the pains of this world, Oh Lord,

We beg mercy,

At one and the same time the creation groans …”

Rodolfo Gaede

In solidarity with the  population from Minas Gerais, who mourns  another environmental crime caused by the rupture of a dam of iron ore tailings in Brumadinho, still without  any possibility to measure the scope of this tragedy,  CESE  joins other voices that:

  • Demand the assessment of responsibilities, punishment of the guilty and due social and environmental reparations;
  • For three years have been denouncing  the failure of the public authorities  that has not yet punished the guilty or compensated the families affected in the environmental crime of Fundão, in Mariana;
  • Strongly reject any relaxation of environmental laws to benefit mining companies and any other company  that acts with social and environmental impacts;
  • Reaffirm their commitment to Human, Social, Environmental and Cultural Rights;
  • Reaffirm the need to have another development matrix in which people and the environment are a priority and not the economy itself.

Thus, we reaffirm our commitment to sustainable development, environmental justice and cultural diversity and we stand in solidarity with the movements that are working in the area to provide support and guidance to the affected populations.

CESE – Ecumenical Service Coordination

January 28th, 2019