The Latin American and Caribbean Communication Agency (ALC) held its Board of Directors meeting in Buenos Aires on April 12th and 13th. ALC is a consortium of nine ecumenical organizations.

Among the points discussed, it is highlighted the need to develop strategies that contribute to the dispute of religious narratives in the Latin American and Caribbean context. It is assessed that the conservative religious agenda is advancing in rapid steps and, so far it has not been possible to organize an ecumenical agenda capable of discussing this advance. One of the ways of disseminating conservative Christian religious values is through the media. In this sense, the ecumenical strategies to counteract the hegemonic and conservative discourse have been inefficient. This is why it is strategic to reinforce the ecumenical spaces of communication in order to strengthen Christian initiatives and narratives that oppose fundamentalism.

This year ALC celebrates 25 years. From its inception until today, the media has undergone profound changes. News circulates quickly and in real time. Very different from when ALC came up, where the information was transmitted by fax.

At the end of the meeting, the member organizations ALC News expressed their concern about the current situation of Argentina, characterized by economic recession and the rupture of social fabric.

There has been a significant increase in the number of people below the poverty line. To ensure at least one meal a day, these people depend on the soup kitchens, organized in different neighborhoods. The number of people on the street also increased as a result of rising unemployment. On the other hand, the exploitative production models and looting of nature are strengthened. The organizations present at the meeting express their solidarity with the people of Argentina.


* Alliance of Presbyterian and Reformed Churches of Latin America (AIPRAL)

* Universal Federation of Christian Students Movements (FUMEC)

* World Association for Christian Communication (WACC-Latin America Region)

* Latin American Council of Churches (CLAI)

* Ecumenical Regional Advisory and Services Center (CREAS)

* National Council of Christian Churches of Brazil (CONIC)

* Peace and Hope (Peru)

* Lutheran Foundation of Diakonia

* Ecumenical Service Coordination