CESE and HEKS EPER support indigenous people and traditional communities affected by fires in the Cerrado

CESE and HEKS EPER have come together to provide emergency humanitarian aid to indigenous people, traditional communities and peasant families affected by the fires that have devastated large transitional regions and areas of the Cerrado, threatening the ways of life of the people who inhabit these territories.

Small project proposals are being written by partner organizations who work in the affected regions in the States of Mato Gross, Mato Gross do Sul, Goiás and Tocatins, as well as in MATOPIBA areas (parts of Maranhão, Piauí and Bahia).  The support is for: the families’ food security through the purchase of food and water; medicines; the reconstitution of food systems with the purchase of seeds, seedlings, work equipment and tools; the restructuring of fire brigades through the purchase of equipment and utensils; as well as fuel and vehicle hire to access the affected areas and ensure that leaders can go to Brasilia to implement advocacy activities with federal bodies and civil society.


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