CESE receives interreligious seminar on human rights and religious fundamentalism

Analyzing and reflecting on the phenomenon of religious fundamentalism and its consequences for the fundamental rights of all people in today’s Brazilian society was the objective of the Interreligious Seminar “Human Rights and Religious Fundamentalism”, promoted by the CEBIC (Ecumenical Council for Christian Churches) in partnership with CESEEP (Ecumenical Center for Evangelization and Popular Education) and CONIC (National Council of Christian Churches), supported by the CESE.

The event took place last May (17th-19th) at the CESE’s headquarters in Salvador. It relied on a participative methodology and experiences of spirituality with respect to religious diversity, a great exchange of experiences, which enabled mutual enrichment on the basis of  the different expressions of faith that were present.

Cecília Franco (Catholic Church) and Haidi Jarschel (Lutheran Church), both CESEEP advisors, have facilitated the sharing of participants’ experiences and raised reflections on churches and religious movements with Human Rights. The study of religious fundamentalism allowed us to understand how this practice contributes to the violation of rights.

Going against the hate speech and religious intolerance, the seminar indicated paths and practices that point to a culture of peace, respect and appreciation of diversity. “It was an exciting and hopeful moment. It awoke real possibilities to promote peace and encouraged us to continue fighting for Brazil to be a Lay State. “, said the CEBIC representative.

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