CESE’s 2020 Activity Report

The Ecumenical Coordination of Service (Coordenadoria Ecumênica de Serviço: CESE) is pleased to present its 2020 Activity Report, covering the main activities and strategies the organization carried out during this period.  The report was presented at the 48th Ordinary General Assembly, held virtually on 8 June 2021.

Delegates and representatives from associated churches and partner organizations were invited to approve the document at the assembly, which they did so unanimously.  The report presents an overview of CESE’s main activities and initiatives, as well as its target audience and the partners with which it holds dialogue and maintains links.

For CESE, the report is an important instrument for management, accountability and dialogue with those who support the institution and trust in its work.  It provides input for discussion, debates and reflections that will contribute to decision-making, either changing or reinforcing our course, pointing the way towards new alternatives, strategies and priorities.

“Nothing we did would have been possible without the partnership of the Cooperation Agencies, Institutes and Foundations who believe in our work,” declared Sônia Gomes Mota, CESE’s Executive Director.

Click here to access the 2020 Activity Report