Cese’s public statement about the prevention of COVID-19

A virus has arrived and challenged us…


To agree that Brazil’s Unified Health Service is important and not to reduce it or freeze health spending

To behave properly and not spread it further

To take care of one another

To realize that no military force, power or wealth can close borders

To go back to the basic rules of hygiene

To be creative and change how we work and behave

A virus has arrived and reminded us that we do, in fact, live in a Common House, where caring for one another is caring for oneself.   For this reason, CESE has suspended training, meetings, external representations and is working from home for institutional activities, while continuing to analyse and support projects. Yes, we are still working and will continue to support groups and movements, since we know that demands will continue to arise, albeit more slowly.  This framework will remain in place until the end of April, although CESE’s Coordinators will remain vigilant regarding new guidance from the health authorities.

Just a reminder: preventing Covid-19 is a joint effort involving everyone. Please therefore stay at home as much as possible and avoid crowds and public spaces.

Through collaborative, responsible and compassionate behaviour, we will be back very soon, freely circulating around our Common House!