CONIC participates in court hearing with minister Carmen Lúcia

The Nobel Peace Prize winner, the Argentine Adolfo Perez Esquivel, and the participant of the hunger strike, Friar Sérgio Görgen, attended a public hearing held by the President of the Supreme Federal Court (STF), Carmen Lúcia, on Tuesday, August 14th. Esquivel and Friar Sérgio were part of a commission formed by legal experts, artists, writers and leaders of civil society organizations, including the secretary general of CONIC, Romi Bencke.

The main topic of their agenda is Brazil after the democratic disruption and its consequences in the lives of men and women from the workforce of the country, especially with regard to the increase of unemployment and poverty. Another topic of the agenda was the incarceration of former President Lula.

Esquivel made a point of reminding the president of the Supreme Federal Court of the state of emergency in which the country has been since the coup d’etat, which took the legitimate president Dilma Rousseff from her position. “We are talking about what is happening in Brazil and in Latin America. So that they [the ministers] become aware of the fact that Lula is a political prisoner recognized by several nations. We need to find a fair solution for Brazilian people”, he states.

The legal expert Carol Proner, one of the authors of the book “Comments to an Announced Agreement – The Lula Process at TRF-4”, spoke of the legal topic of presumption of innocence and the role of the Judiciary System in the 2018 elections.

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