Member Take Office at Confoco – Bahia

The solemn act of members taking office for the first State Council for Promotion and Collaboration (Conselho Estadual de Fomento e Colaboração: CONFOCO) was held in September.  The event, which took place at the Auditorium for the Centre of Operations and Intelligence at the Department of Public Security, was attended by Secretary Josias Gomes; Eliana Rolemberg and Candice Araújo, representatives of the Platform for the Regulatory Framework for Civil Society Organizations (Plataforma do Marco Regulatório das Organizações da Sociedade Civil: MROSC); the Health Secretary, Fábio Villas Boas; the Administration Secretary, Edelvino Góes; the Secretary of Water Infrastructure and Sanitation, Cássio Peixoto; State Deputies Neusa Cadore, Fátima Nunes, Bira Coroa and Joseildo Ramos; as well as managers, state public administrative workers and council representatives.

CESE is represented at CONFOCO by Eliana Rolemberg, nominated as Council Vice-Director.  Eliana highlighted CONFOCO’s importance as a landmark for the pathway created by the MROSC Platform/Bahia.


CONFOCO/BAHIA was established through State Decree no. 17091 of 5 October 2016, in accordance with Law no.13019/2014, which established a legal regime of partnerships between public administration and civil society organizations, through mutual cooperation, for the pursuit of public and reciprocal interests.  The Council is a joint body, linked to the Department of Institutional Relationships (Secretaria de Relações Institucionais: SERIN), which is also responsible for its executive secretariat. It acts as an advisory and propositional body for the formulation, implementation, follow-up, monitoring and evaluation of partner public policies for mutual cooperation. It is composed of 20 (twenty) titular members and an equal number of substitutes, of which 10 (ten) are representatives of the Public Authorities and 10 (ten) of Civil Society, appointed by act of the State Governor.

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