Partner organizations of ICCO, TdH Schweiz and TdH Suisse take the second stage of the claim-making course

Young people from three north-eastern States (Bahia, Pernambuco and Paraíba) were in Salvador for five days to take part in the second stage of the claim-making course, promoted by Terre des Hommes (TdH – Schweiz and Suisse). The course is part of the Change the Game programme, held in Brazil by CESE, a partner of the Wild Geese Foundation (creator of the programme) and MDF.

On this phase of the course, the participants were able to learn about instruments and communication for claim-making, the State and relations between the Judiciary, Legislative and Executive branches, among other topics relevant to finalizing their claim-making plans.

“This stage of the course was incredible, as I was able to learn a little more about how the legal area operates; how to have recourse to my rights through this and that that we should not be afraid of the laws but, instead, take ownership of them”, comments Sidinéia Bezerra, representative of AS-PTA – Consultancy and Services for Alternative Farming Projects / Commission for Rural Youth from the Borborema Complex.

As part of the training, the young people visited the non-governmental organization, Camapet (Selective Collection, Plastic Processing and Environmental Protection Cooperative), which works with collecting recyclable rubbish in Salvador and showed the paths that they follow in order to achieve their rights. The organization has fought so that the rubbish pickers are recognized as an essential part of public rubbish collection in the Bahian capital.
“I felt more empowered in the second stage of the course and prepared to take a stance. The contents of the first phase were wrapped up and we were able to better organize our claim-making plans”, confirmed Mário Emmanuel, representative of GCASC – the Taking on Its Children Community Group.

Cultural Fair
A cultural evening was also part of the 2nd stage of the claim-making course. The participants brought objects and representations native to their towns and organizations to present them. Typical food, dances, music and publications were exchanged between the young people who used the opportunity to socialize.

The Ágape – Sarau da Onça group presented its protest verses against the extermination of black youth and social inequality to those present, bringing the Cultural Fair to a close.

“The second stage of the claim-making course, in addition to the training process, especially in relation to the communication topics and legal questions, was once again the possibility to exchange experiences, create new links and the declaration that young people are alive and struggling for social justice”, concluded Nayanna Reis, representative of MOC – the Community Organization Movement.

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